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DeLogo - часть 11

  • Fixed stupid bug causing improper function when cropping was used
  • Enhanced bitmap save/load procedures to be more effective
  • Repaired bugs in the manual
  • Added Error messages and Version history sections to the manual
  • initial release, thoroughly tested and hoped to be fully functional
7. Author and History My name is Karel Suhajda and currently I am 35 years old. Once upon a time I was looking for some VirtualDub filter to remove a logo from video and I was surprised there is not any. Then, I found the LogoAway filter by Chris Wojdon which sure is good but didn't do exactly what I expected. So I sat at my computer, learned a little C and created this one.
8. Frequently Asked Questions Q: What VirtualDub version do I need to use this filter?
A: I always recommend to use the newest version of VirtualDub. The first version that runs the filter with no known problems is 1.4.7.
Q: I have specified frames to analyse in the Sample frames edit box but the filter still analyses the whole video.
A: That's okay. The filter has no control over what frames VirtualDub will send it to analyse so the analysis runs through all frames. The filter only analyses the specified ones, however. All the other frames are just skipped.
Q: What's wrong with deleting frames in the video?
A: Don't delete frames in the video if you intend to specify the frame numbers for processing or if you want to run an analysis of the video stream. At first, the filter doesn't have access to frame numbers as you see them on the VirtualDub's main vindow and it only refers to the original video frames, i.e. frame numbers in the complete video stream. For instance, if you have deleted frames 1000-1099, the frame 1000 as you see it will be frame number 1100 for the filter. Unfortunately, it's not all. VirtualDub 1.4.10 (and possibly older versions too) contains an error in the sampling routine causing it to apply the frame deletion two times, causing completely different frames to be analysed - sometimes even the deleted frames.

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