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DeLogo - часть 12

Therefore, deleted frames in the analysed video may lead to unwanted results even without specifying frame numbers!
Q: The filter displayed an error message. What does it mean?
A: See the Error messages section
Q: The filter closes the Preview window whenever I press any Save or Load button.
A: This behavior is intentional because the save/load dialog box insisted on opening itself behind all the VirtualDub's windows whenever the Preview window was open.
Q: Do I need to run the analysis process to remove an opaque logo?
A: You don't have to run the analysis but you can use it to find the actual logo shape. You can use the Alpha mask instead of a saved frame as a base to draw the Repair mask.
Q: I have loaded a mask to the filter and the filter still does nothing.
A: Check if the mask size is the same as the video image size. In case of difference, the filter loads the mask but it doesn't use it.
Q: The repair process is very slow.
A: Due to the nature of the repair algorithm, it is the slower the bigger the repaired area is and the more pixels are in the border area. This dependence is not linear but rather quadratical (repaired pixels times border pixels). To speed it up you can try to reduce the border depth, reduce Pixel aspect and check the Interlaced box. You can also try to split the repaired area to more regions when the removed logo is not continuous.
Q: Does DeLogo support batch processing?
A: Yes, the batch processing is fully supported. There are some problems however - there is no way to store whole masks to the batch file so all masks must be saved somewhere first in order to be loaded at batch run. Also the filenames and paths should be short enough to fit to the 512 characters long configuration line at once.
Q: Is the filter optimised for my processor?
A: There are no MMX, SSE, 3DNow! or other processor specific optimisations in the filter. There is no assembly language in the filter because I don't know it. On the other hand, there are as many precalculations done as possible to speed up the process itself.
Q: I have some other question.
A: Mail me to kasuha@post.cz. Дата обновления: 19.04.2006 16:31

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