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DeLogo - часть 3

Then save the result using File/Save image sequence... menu choice. 2.2 Opaque Logos in Video
Opaque logos are for sure the most common case. As you can expect, the DeBlend algorithm can't be applied to opaque logos so the process is actually very similar to the still image provessing.
  1. Start the VirtualDub, open the video to be processed in it:

  2. Open the Filters dialog and add the DeLogo filter.
  3. Press the Show preview button and seek in the video until you find a frame where the logo is best visible:

  4. Press the Save frame button (next to the Analyse: text in the Mask properties group) and choose a folder and a name for the bitmap image containing your selected frame. Save it by pressing the Save button.
  5. Open the image in your preferred image editor (e.g. Windows Paint) and mark the logo by a fine red (255, 0, 0) color:

    Note that the mask is actually much wider than the logo. The logo in this example is not completely opaque, it contains an alpha-blended "shadow" and some color artifacts which destroy the result if they are not masked too.
  6. Press the Load button next to the Repair: text in the Mask properties group and load the mask you just created as a Repair mask.
  7. Press the Show preview button and check the result:

  8. You can enhance the result using the controls in the Repair parameters group. If the video is interlaced, check the Interlaced checkbox. Also if the video doesn't have pixel aspect ratio 1:1, you can use the Pixel aspect slider to compensate it. For detailed description, see the Controls reference section.
  9. Press the Close button to close the filter configuration dialog and OK button to close the filters dialog. Continue processing the video as usual.
2.3 Alpha-blended Logos
The alpha-blended logo removal feature is the main strength of the DeLogo filter. It is a simple task to alpha-blend a logo to a video but it turns out to be really tricky to remove it if you don't have the original logo and its alpha mask. Using the DeLogo filter it is necessary to find the original logo and its alpha mask first using the analysis procedure.

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