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DeLogo - часть 5

  • Now it's time to analyse the video. Open the Preview window if it is not already open and press the Sample video button. In the next dialog, choose a sampling mode - I recommend to sample all frames, but for longer videos it might not be really practical.
    Note that if the logo doesn't appear on the whole video, you must specify frames where the logo should be analysed or you don't get usable results. In such case, see Controls Reference section for further details.
  • When the analysis is done, all masks should be created in the filter dialog. For the DeBlend process, the most important are the Alpha and Color masks:

    In the color mask, you can see what the filter thinks about the original logo color. At logo area, it should match the logo. In other areas you can expect random colors.

    The Alpha mask should contain the original logo alpha channel. The darker the color the less transparent the logo is. You can see a problem in my example - the opaque parts of the logo have bright edges. It is caused by the fact that the logo was not really still - it moved slightly to the left and right probably due to instability of my TV capture card. This confused the analysis algorithm and it marked these parts as transparent.
  • If the Color and Alpha masks are OK, it is possible to use the Alpha mask to produce the Repair mask using the Alpha to repair and Repair radius sliders. Due to the problem in the Alpha mask, I decided to make the Repair mask manually from the Alpha mask - I saved the Alpha mask using the appropriate Save button, edited the bitmap in Windows Paint and loaded the repair mask using appropriate Load button. The final repair mask looked like this:

    Note that this is the Repair mask exported from the filter - I didn't put the yellow border in manually, it is done by the filter after loading the mask.
  • The result of combined Repair and DeBlend processing can be seen in the Preview window:

    You can find higher level of noise at the deblended area and blurred replacements at the repaired areas but the result is still much better than if there is the logo.
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