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DeLogo - часть 7

note: "valid" mask means that it has been loaded or created and has the same dimensions (in pixels) as the processed video.
4. Mask Reference All masks can be saved and loaded as a 24-bit color standard Windows bitmap (.bmp) images. No other format of the bmp file is supported and an attempt to load it will cause an error.
4.1 Analysis Mask
While the statistical analysis runs on every pixel in the whole image area, the Analysis mask tells the analyser how to use the statistical results.
The only significant colors in this mask are fine red (255,0,0) which marks the "area of interest", fine blue (0,0,255) which marks the "unimportant" area and fine green (0,255,0) which marks the "not an image" area. All other colors are transformed to black upon load and these pixels are used as a "reference area" to compare analysis results against pixels in the "area of interest". This mask is copied to the DeBlend mask before blurring.
The "area of interest" (red) means the area where the analyser should try to find the logo. This area should be somewhat larger than the logo in order to cover all its parts that might not be clearly visible.
The "unimportant" (blue) area contains pixels which are statistically analysed and used to create the Alpha and Color masks, but they are not used in calculating the coefficients making the Alpha and Color masks. This area is not marked to be repaired by the automatically created DeBlend mask too.
The "not an image" (green) area is handled the same way as the "unimportant" (blue) area but its shape is also transferred to the Repair mask preventing the Repair algorithm to use marked pixels as border pixels.
The difference between the blue and green area is:
  • When creating the DeBlend mask, the blur fades to blue pixels even though the falloff value is bigger. Green pixels don't stop the blur which may result in a visible edge in the result:

  • Green pixels are copied to the Repair mask where they play their own role.
4.2 DeBlend Mask

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