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DeLogo - часть 8

In the DeBlend mask, only the red channel is significant and marks the amount how much the DeBlend process result is blended to the original image. The fine blue and fine green areas are left here for your observation purposes. The Repair mask is subtracted from the DeBlend mask to reduce computing, too; the red color covered by the repair mask is changed to cyan.
4.3 Alpha Mask
The Alpha mask contains alpha value for every color channel in every pixel (so the mask doesn't have to be grayscale). Even more, due to the algorithm used, the alpha value may be bigger than one so alpha=1 is converted to a color value of 200.
It is not a good idea to try to draw the Alpha mask manually. Let the analyser do its work - you can try to use the manual analysis on a selected set of frames to achieve better results.
4.4 Color Mask
The same as the Alpha mask: just let the analyser to create the Color mask for you.
Color mask is supposed to contain the color part of the logo. Expect random colors in areas where the alpha is near 1 (i.e. almost transparent logo).
4.5 Repair Mask
The Repair mask contains fine red (255,0,0) pixels to be repaired using their surrounding pixels and fine green (0,255,0) pixels that cannot be used as border pixels. All other colors are turned black upon load. The border pixels are marked yellow for your observation purposes but the border is created automatically using the Repair depth and Pixel aspect parameters:

When created automatically, the Repair mask cannot exceed the "area of interest" (red) marked in the Analysis mask even if you raise the Repair radius.
Every continuous marked area is repaired independently on other areas and it has its own border which may occasionally re-use border pixels of other areas. When the Interlaced option is on, each field is processed independently too and corresponding border pixels are taken from the same field only (thus, a continuous red marked area actually makes two continuous areas in interlaced mode).

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