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The border area shape is slightly affected by the Interlaced option (may expand around 1 pixel up and down) and heavily affected by the Depth parameter (border width in pixels) and the Pixel aspect parameter (the border takes more pixels on the "thinner" axis).
If you create a repair mask region which has no border pixels (e.g. red area completely surrounded by green pixels), that area is not repaired.
5. Error Messages When something is going wrong, the filter can show an error message. While most of them are pretty self-explanatory, some may confuse you so I decided to explain them all.
When saving a bitmap file:
  • Not enough memory to save bitmap - only a small chunk of memory has to be allocated to save a bitmap file. Stop some application and try again.
  • Can't create file - the folder or disk is locked or the filename is wrong.
  • Error writing bitmap file - probably there is not enough space on your disk or you removed media from drive.
When loading a bitmap file:
  • Bitmap file not found - you managed somehow to enter a file name that was not found on your computer.
  • Error reading bitmap file - the bitmap file you selected is locked or open by another program.
  • Selected file is corrupted or it is not a bitmap file - the bitmap file is not readable as bitmap file.
  • Only uncompressed 24-bit RGB buttom-up bitmaps are supported - you managed to save the bitmap file in format that the filter is unable to read. Try to open and re-save it in Windows Paint.
  • Not enough memory to load bitmap file - sad one. Your bitmap is too big or your RAM is too small.
  • Mask dimensions (X x Y) don't correspond to video (X x Y) - the mask must have exactly the same dimensions as the video processed. Likely you cropped or resized the mask after you saved it from the video.
  • Mask must contain at least one repair pixel and at least one reference pixel - before you load the analysis mask, make sure there is a red area (repair pixels) and some non-red/green/blue area (reference pixels).

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