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DeLogo v1.3.2
1. What is it for? The DeLogo filter is designed to remove static elements, i.e. logos or watermarks from video source. While there are many ways how to put a logo to a video, DeLogo filter only covers those that are really static, i.e. not moving and not animated. On the other hand, it can successfully remove alpha-blended logos without destroying the picture beneath.
DeLogo filter features two logo removal techniques. First of them is called DeBlend and it is designed to remove alpha blended logos using given alpha and color mask, which are supposed to be the real alpha and color mask of the logo. While it may be really tricky to create such masks, DeLogo filter features even an analyser which can do all the work for you.
The second technique - repair - comes where the first fails. Opaque logos can not be deblended because there is no remnant visible through the logo. These pixels must be painted anew depending on color of pixels surrounding the opaque part.
2. Quick Start The filter configuration dialog looks like this:

All the values and settings showed on this picture are the default values.
In the following sections you will find some tasks - from the most trivial to somewhat complex one - that I actually did using the filter to achieve the result. Remember that not all controls are actually used and explained in this part, for detailed description refer to reference sections.
2.1 Still Images
Though VirtualDub is primarily intended to edit video, since version 1.4.8 it is possible to load a series of .bmp images as a video sequence. The sequence may even consist of just one frame which makes it a complicated image processing tool. While for many cases there are much better tools to do the same, the DeLogo filter is actually the only tool I know capable to remove unwanted elements from an image without a lot of editing. Only the repair technique can be used for still images (DeBlend process needs to analyse at least two frames to get some results) so this is actually the most simple task you can use the filter for.

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